Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rebuild A Delta Single Bathtub Faucet

Rebuilding your single handle Delta bathtub faucet is a wise choice if you want to prolong the life of this appliance. After time, the seals inside the cartridge wear down, causing leaks and sub-par performance. A rebuild replaces this part with a new one, solving the issue and improving the faucet's performance. It is not extremely difficult, and no plumber is required. If you have enough skill, this project takes less than an hour to complete.


1. Turn off your tub water supply.

2. Take the handle off by loosening the small screw underneath the handle. This may also be located inside the cap on the front of the faucet. Take the cap off to gain access to the screw. In both cases, an Allen wrench is used to remove the screw.

3. Pull off the handle and remove the sleeve fitting around the outside of the fixture. Pull off the O ring around the base of the faucet cartridge and then loosen the bonnet with a pair of large pliers. If your faucet has a retaining clip instead of a bonnet, pry this out with the pliers.

4. Slide the cartridge out. Take the seat springs out of the faucet with the top of a screwdriver, if they are not contained within the cartridge itself. Replace the seat springs with new ones, which you should insert into the two holes inside the faucet.

5. Place a new Delta cartridge into the faucet. Replace the O ring with a new one and screw the bonnet on the faucet. Slide the trim sleeve or escutcheon back onto the faucet. Replace these parts with new ones if the old parts are worn and need replacing.

6. Put the handle back on the faucet after attaching any adapters or control knobs your particular model faucet has. Attach the handle by tightening the screw with an Allen wrench.

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