Sunday, March 2, 2014

Garden Art Made From Junk

Art in the garden can be made from normal household items.

Garden art can come from many sources. Statues, benches and birdbaths are all common features in a backyard garden. A fun and original form of garden art is to used objects you find lying around. The original purpose of the junk does not have to remain the same; it can be whatever you want it to be.

Garden Shed Objects

Turn an old can into a garden fountain.

A rummage through the garden shed can produce many possibilities for garden art. An old, leaky watering can and a washtub can be turned into a country-style fountain. Weld the watering can to the tub at an angle so the spout is pointing into the tub. Add a small pump and a hose snaked up through the hole in the watering can, and you have a fountain to put among the daisies.

Sports Equipment

Bowling balls can add color to your garden.

Old bowling balls gathering dust can be turned into art in the garden as well. Group a few together in a garden bed for some out-of-season color. Vintage bowling balls are colorful and look great lined up as a border. They also are weather-resistant and can be left outside.

Pun Intended

Old bedframe can be used in the garden.

An old bed frame can be set out into the yard and be turned into a garden bed. Fill the center with flowers and other plants, making sure to have some spill over the sides as the covers on the bed.

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