Monday, March 3, 2014

Make Roller Blinds With A Old Wooden Roller

Roller blinds are an attractive window treatment option. They can take the place of curtains or the roller blinds can be used behind the curtains. Making your own roller blinds will allow you to choose from a greater variety of fabric prints than purchasing stock roller blinds. Choose a fabric that is firmly woven and is light to medium weight. Using old wooden rollers will make the blinds environmentally friendly as well as economical.


Prepare Fabric

1. Measure the distance between the window casing sides.

2. Measure the length of the window. Add 20 inches. This is the length of the blind fabric.

3. Measure your old wooden roller from tip to tip to make sure the roller will fit your window casing measurement. Add 1 inch. This is your blind fabric width measurement.

4. Cut the front piece of fabric the size of your measurements. Be sure your lines are perfectly straight.

5. Cut the backing fabric the size of your measurement less 15 inches from the length.

6. Cut one piece of fabric fusing web the size of your backing fabric.

7. Select a pattern for the lower edge of the blind. It can be points, scallops, squares or curves.

8. Draw this pattern on a piece of stiff paper.

9. Fold the bottom of the front fabric up 8 inches to form the casing. The right sides of the fabric will be together. Pin near the fold.

10. Mark the pattern on the fabric and machine stitch on the line.

11. Trim the seam allowances to 1/2 inch and clip into any corners. Clip around any curves. Be careful not to clip the stitch line.

12. Turn fabric right side out. Press the edge. This is the facing.

13. Sew two rows of stitches 1 1/2 inch apart near the top edge of the facing. The wooden slat will go in this channel.


14. Place two blankets on top of each other on the floor. This will be your ironing surface.

15. Press the blind and backing to make sure they are wrinkle free.

16. Place the blind backing fabric on the blankets with the right side down.

17.Place the fabric fusing web on top of the backing fabric. Be sure it is perfectly even.

18. Place the blind front fabric on top of the fusing web with the right side up. Line the tops of the three layers up.

19. Follow the fabric fusing web's packaging instructions. Work from the center to the outer edges. Smooth bubbles as you work. Allow to cool in place.

20. Measure the width of the blind and mark trimming lines. Trim with care.

21. Staple the new shade to the old wooden roller.

22. Insert blind slat between the stitched rows.

Tips Warnings

Try to find other ways to reuse and repurpose worn household items before you toss them.

The roller blinds can also be placed on the outside of the window casings.

Always double check your measurements before you cut the roller.

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