Saturday, March 8, 2014

Use Ifit

iFit produces targeted workouts customized to particular exercise machines and fitness goals. By downloading premade workouts from the iFit website, users can transfer specialized workouts to the fitness machines of their choice. With a few easy steps, you can take advantage of iFit's downloadable workouts and load them onto your home or gym fitness equipment.


1. Register at the iFit website. Provide your name, e-mail address and desired username and password. Click on the link included in your confirmation e-mail to verify your account.

2. Place an SD card into your computer's memory card slot.

3. Click the Workouts menu item on the iFit website navigation bar and select the category of download you would like to use (bike, elliptical or treadmill).

4. Save the downloaded file to your hard drive.

5. Double-click the iFit workout .ZIP file to decompress it and extract the files into a new directory named after the category you chose.

6. Drag the contents of the iFit folder from your hard drive to your SD memory card to copy your workout files.

7. Insert the SD memory card into the memory slot in your machine and begin your workout.

Tips Warnings

Paid iFit workouts can also be purchased and downloaded through the iFit website. Always consult a physician before embarking on a new workout routine.

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