Saturday, March 8, 2014

Connect A Document Camera To My Computer

A USB jack is all your computer needs to accommodate a document camera.

Remember the old days, when overhead projectors were the only way to cast an image of a document up onto the wall? You had to take your hard copy, run it through a machine to place the image on a transparency and then shine it up there. A document camera can show any hard copy to your entire audience, after you've spent a few minutes hooking the camera up to your computer.


1. Place the document camera on a stable, flat surface where it can show documents easily while staying within the cord's length of your computer.

2. Slide the USB plug on the interface cable into an available USB port on your computer. Insert the other end of the interface cable into the jack on the document camera. Different brands may require the VGA or other port instead of the USB.

3. Turn on the document camera (and the computer, if it is off). Insert the CD with installation software into your computer. If you do not have the CD, the installation software is likely to be available on the camera's manufacturer's website. Depending on the brand, simply plugging the cables in and turning on the camera may initiate a connection to the manufacturer's website, starting the download process.

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