Saturday, March 8, 2014

Unique Ways To Wrap A Gift Card

Find creative ways to wrap gift cards.

Gift cards carry the reputation of being somewhat impersonal and boring to receive. Dress up a gift card with creative wrapping. Add more substance to the gift card when you make a decorative presentation. The recipient will be just as excited to receive the gift card as he is to spend it.

Box of Candy

A box of candy adds a sweet touch to the gift card wrapping. You can find boxes of chocolate for any holiday. Tape the gift card to the inside lid of the box of chocolates. When the recipient opens it to eat a chocolate she sees the gift card on the lid. Another option is to remove some of the chocolates and place the gift card in their spot. You can also lift up some of the chocolates and tape the gift card to the bottom. Replace the chocolates over the gift card. This option leaves the gift card as a surprise once the recipient selects the right chocolates to eat. Make sure the recipient finds the gift card before throwing away the box.

Themed Wrapping

Take inspiration from the type of gift card you're giving. Wrap the gift card in another related item. For example, place a gift card for a tea shop inside a tea cup with some samples of tea. Wrap a clothing store gift card inside a new t-shirt or pair of socks. Hide a home improvement store gift card inside a box of nails or a gardening center gift card in a flower pot with some seeds. The outer item that you use as the wrapping seems like an insignificant gift, but it gives a clue to the gift card theme and holds the gift card inside as a surprise.

Decorative Envelopes

Plain envelopes create the base for this gift card wrapping option. Carefully unfold a regular envelope and fold it flat. Spread the outside of the envelope with glue and place it onto a piece of decorative paper or fabric. Cut around the envelope to remove the extra fabric and paper. Refold the envelope along its lines. Glue the envelope back together. Tuck the gift card inside along with some confetti or pieces of curling ribbon for a festive touch. Other accents such as glitter, sequins and ribbon add to the decorative look of the outside of the envelope.


The size of gift cards makes them ideal for using as bookmarks. Select a book that relates to the gift card theme. For example, you might purchase a book about home renovations for a gift card to a home improvement store. Make sure the book is something the recipient will actually enjoy or find useful. Tuck the gift card inside the book like you would a bookmark. Glue or tape a ribbon to the gift card that will stick out the top of the book so the recipient notices it right away.

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