Saturday, March 8, 2014

Install A Retention Clip Headlight On A Mazda 3

Install a Retention Clip Headlight on a Mazda 3

A small but sturdy metal wire, called the retention clip, holds in place the Mazda 3's halogen headlight bulb. Headlights held in by retention clips are often called retention clip headlights. If the retention clip headlight on your Mazda 3 has burned out or broken, you can replace it yourself in under 10 minutes for each headlight assembly. Retention clips are cheap and easy to replace, they hold the headlight bulb steady, and they make changing a headlight bulb simple and straightforward.


1. Turn off the Mazda 3. Prop open the hood with the hood support rod.

2. Press in the side tabs of the headlight wiring harness. Pull out the headlight wiring harness from the headlight socket.

3. Pull off the rubber weather shroud from the rear of the headlight assembly.

4. Put on your latex gloves to prevent the oils from your fingers from damaging the headlight bulb.

5. Press inward on the metal retention clip to release it. Pull out the headlight bulb.

6. Insert the replacement bulb into the headlight assembly. Strap the retention clip over the base of the headlight bulb. Lock the retention clip into the socket that you released it from earlier when you pressed it inward. Cover the headlight bulb with the rubber weather shroud. Thread the socket on the rear of the headlight bulb through the hole in the rubber weather shroud. Reattach the wiring harness.

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