Saturday, March 8, 2014

Make A Basketball Board Game

A board game can be a great and fun way to learn about something. If you have students whoneed to learn about basketball, or even if you have kids that just want to have fun playing a game, you can try this basketball board game.


1. Create your board. Cover the cardboard with construction paper in any color. Then create the path for the players to go down. You can have four different lanes with squares that are made up of different colored construction paper. Each lane should travel straight across the board, and have the same number of squares. One square in each lane should be labeled foul. Draw or make a basketball hoop at the end of each lane.

2. Create cards. Using construction paper, cut cards of the same size. On each card, write a question. This can be about the history of basketball, the rules, or anything else about basketball. If the question is easy, label it for 2 points. If it is hard, label it for 3 points.

3. Create rules. The players will roll the dice to see who goes first. The first player will draw a card face down and his neighbor will read the question for him. If the player gets it right, he may move either 2 or 3 spaces, depending on what the card says. Then, the next player will go. If a player lands on her foul space, each of the other players gets a bonus question, during the fouled player's turn, for one space. The first player to the basketball hoop wins.

Tips Warnings

Cut small basketballs for tokens for each player

Shuffle the cards before play starts!

Don't make the questions too hard or too easy, depending on the age group that the players are

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