Sunday, March 2, 2014

Install Ceiling Tiles With Less Than 3 Inches Of Space

When you want to cover a ceiling with ceiling tiles, you have a variety of options. Not all of those options, however, work well in every circumstance. If you have limited space below the ceiling where you want to install the tiles, you must install a tile that needs little space.

Flat Tiles

The majority of tiles designed for ceilings are flat tiles and install directly to the ceiling surface with adhesive. These tiles consist largely of wood fibers held together by a fire-resistant adhesive, which makes them light enough for the ceiling materials to support them. Flat tiles don't extend very far down from a ceiling, generally less than an inch, which means they can be installed in tight spaces less than 3 inches in height.

Acoustical Tiles

Acoustical tiles are a variety of flat ceiling tiles that offer an added benefit. This make of tiles allows them to absorb from both above and below, preventing sound from passing through in both directions. This can be useful when you need to tile a ceiling that has a room above it. Acoustical tiles have the same lightweight properties of other flat tiles and also install to ceilings with adhesive.

Installation of Flat Tiles

Flat ceiling tiles generally come in a standard 12-by-12-inch size, but you can also find tiles 12-by-24 inches. When installing flat tiles, find the center of each wall that the ceiling touches and draw lines across the center of the room in both directions to determine the center point of the room. Install flat tiles outward from this center point to get a centered ceiling tile job. Cut tiles down at the edges of the room if necessary to fit into the remaining space.

Drop Ceilings

If you were hoping to install drop ceiling tiles that require a system of brackets to a ceiling with less than 3 inches of space, you're out of luck. The installation of drop ceiling brackets to a ceiling requires at least 4 inches of clearance from the surface of the ceiling. Though the tiles used in drop ceiling brackets are made of similar lightweight materials, the larger size makes them difficult to mount flat onto a ceiling with adhesive.

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