Sunday, March 2, 2014

Find A Bridal Hairstyle

Wedding hairstyles should reflect your personality and style.

Choosing the right hairstyle for the bride can be just as important as finding that perfect wedding dress. A bride's hairstyle should compliment the bride's face shape, facial features, personality, style and hair type. If you are getting married and are having a difficult time finding a suitable hairstyle, there are different sources you can use as a reference to help guide you in your search.


1. Buy a few hair or bridal magazines that feature bridal hairstyles. Glance through the pages at bridal hairstyles that appeal to you. Mark the pages for later reference.

2. Find hairstyles that compliment your wedding dress. For example, if you have a simple wedding dress, possibly choose a sophisticated updo such as a chignon, wear your hair straight or with just a few soft curls.

3. Pick potential bridal hairstyles that suit your hair type. For example, if your hair is curly, it may be best to choose a curly hairstyle. If you try to straighten curly hair on your wedding day, especially if in a humid area, it may be difficult and hair could frizz. If you have straight hair and wish to curl it, you may need to use a strong setting lotion or hot rollers to keep the style all day.

4. Choose a hairstyle that compliments your style and personality. For example, if you are typically a casual person, you may want to avoid a fancy style for your wedding day; that may not even look how you usually do. On the contrary, if you usually style your hair everyday, a simple updo may not reflect your style. A bridal hairstyle should be a slightly more polished version of yourself, but it should show your personality.

5. Locate a hairstyle that fits with your headpiece or veil if you are wearing one. If you have a larger headpiece, curly hairstyles work best, because you can attach the headpiece with bobby pins to curly hair, and it is easy to conceal the bobby pins beneath the curls. Beaded or jeweled headbands and jeweled barrettes work great with short or straight bridal hairstyles.

Tips Warnings

Using a spray shine on the finished hairstyle will help the hair appear healthy and shiny.

It is a good idea to visit your style before your wedding day for a hairstyle trial. This way you can address any changes or problems before the big day.

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