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Identify Warning Light On A Mazda Rx8

Identify Warning Light on a Mazda RX8

Some of the warning lights on the Mazda RX8's instrument cluster, such as the Low Fuel, Low Oil, Door Ajar or Seat Belt light, are self-explanatory. However, other warning lights are less obvious, yet could still indicate serious problems with the vehicle. In most cases, contact your nearest Mazda dealer or an automobile mechanic for assistance.


1. Crank the RX8's engine and examine the instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel. Any warning lights that are activated will appear in this cluster.

2. Look for a circle with the letters ABS inside. This is the warning light for the anti-lock braking system. If the ABS light is on, your anti-lock brake system is inoperative or malfunctioning.

3. Look for the Brake warning along with the ABS warning. If both of the lights are illuminated at the same time, the RX8 has an issue with its electronic brake force distribution. This is the electronic system that manages the brakes. If only the Brake warning light is on, the vehicle's emergency brake is likely on or malfunctioning.

4. Look for a warning light that looks like an open book with a fountain coming from its pages. This is the vehicle's windshield washer fluid light, indicating the level is low.

5. Find the symbol that looks like exclamation mark on top of a tire. If you see this warning light, your RX8's tire pressure is low.

6. Look for a warning light that shows a steering wheel next to an exclamation mark. This is the power-steering malfunction indicator. If lit up, this indicates a problem with the vehicle's power-steering system.

7. Look for a Lock symbol next to a car icon. This is the security light. If you see this warning light, there is a problem with your RX8's security system.

8. Look for a radiator icon.This is a rectangular icon with a shaded area on the bottom. If you see a picture of a radiator, your RX8 is low on engine coolant.

9. Look for an icon showing the outline of an engine. This is the Service Engine Soon light. In most cases, this warning light indicates a problem with the emissions system.

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